Japanese-Inspired Colorized Postcards

I really love these colorized postcards from France in the early 1930s that seem to bear a strong Japanese influence.  The two cards I have that bear dates are both dated 1932.  I found these at flea markets in Paris and have never seen such nice examples anywhere else.

7 Responses to Japanese-Inspired Colorized Postcards

  1. moya watson says:

    gorgeous victor! and i love the layout – you’ve a real sense of aesthetic.

    i only wish i could see a picture of *you* on the site — on the about page, probably. hey and it’s (maybe) even okay if you use “welcome back kotter” ❤

  2. Morgan says:

    There was also a big trend in France around that time for “Chinese shadows”—shadow puppet theatre, presumably inspired by the East Asian branch of the artform. Shadow puppets have strong traditions all over the world, Indonesia being the most well-known, but shadow puppets are also popular in Thailand, India and all over the former Ottoman Empire. Each region has a very distinctive style, and though the Frence attributed theirs to China, it is distinctively French and not Chinese. The same could be said for these gorgeous postcards.

  3. Bernard Ortiz de Montellano says:

    I like your posting of your postcards. This way they can be viewed at a higher resolution.

  4. gott style says:

    beautiful! thank you for posting/sharing these

    • vodem says:

      Thanks for checking out the site! I’m pleased you like them too. I actually started collecting old French postcards after finding several of these cards at a Paris flea market.

  5. Michael Fields says:

    Stumbled across your site , looking for information on a studio photographer from Paris, spelling I believe is leturgez. I enjoyed looking at your cards, especially the Japanese inspired pieces as well as the art nouveau look. I collect vintage Japanese postcards, primarily advertising and poster art. I am in the middle of a move to NYC and didn’t realize how many cards I have until I started packing. Almost a 1/3 of all the cartons I’m moving are cartons of postcards:)

    • vodem says:

      Thank you for your comment! It sounds like you have a wonderful collection! I don’t have vintage Japanese cards, but I have seen some very beautiful ones. Do you recommend a good site to peruse some more examples? As for Leturgez, I don’t know much about the different studio photographers, but good luck in your search. Thanks again for your comment.

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