Don’t Touch That Dial

Don't Touch That Dial

This is a compilation of up-tempo electronica I made for my son, who requested an electronic mix and expressed a preference for fast tempos and big beats. I tried to put together something we would both like. The result is a set of relatively song-oriented and relatively recent electronica, mostly melodic, with some old techno and other sounds.

Click below to stream the compilation:

1. Dynamix II “Don’t Touch That Dial” (1990)
2. Kraftwerk “Pocket Calculator” (1981)
3. Brian Eno & Rick Holland “Glitch” (2011)
4. New Order “Fine Line [12″ Version]” (2008)
5. Tanlines “Real Life (Memory Tapes Remix)” (2010)
6. Trails and Ways “Mtn Tune (Wallpaper. Remix)” (2013)
7. El Perro Del Mar “Home Is To Feel Like That” (2012)
8. Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Quilla “Walls” (2012)
9. Todd Terje “Delorean Dynamite” (2014)
10. Underworld “Jumbo” (1999)
11. Lindstrom “Rà-àkõ-st” (2012)
12. The Knife “Listen Now” (2003)
13. Dan Deacon “Okie Dokie” (2008)
14. Liars “Brats” (2012)
15. Juan Atkins “Techno Music” (1988)
16. Darude “Sandstorm (Radio Edit)” (2007)
17. Tiësto “Maximal Crazy” (2012)

Summer 2014

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