Now That I’m Older

Since 2004, I have been making an indie pop comp for my birthday (prior entries into the series includes Ides of April, Glide, Bees Knees, Carousel, Treehouse, Walking Through Walls, and Roam the Breezy Pastures).  This year’s comp, in honor of my 40th birthday, is called Now That I’m Older.  All songs are from 2009-2010.  As usual for this series, I think it is relatively accessible, and much of it may be familiar to the indie music followers among you.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1. Wild Nothing “Live In Dreams” (2009)
2. summer camp “round the moon” (2009)
3. Tennis “Marathon” (2010)
4. Sally Seltmann “Dream About Changing” (2010)
5. Cats On Fire “Tears in Your Cup” (2010)
6. Best Coast “When I’m With You” (2010)
7. All Saints Day “You Can’t Be Alone” (2009)
8. The Walkmen “Blue As Your Blood” (2009)
9. Lower Dens “Tea Lights” (2009)
10. La Sera “Never Come Around” (2009)
11. Eternal Summers “Safe at Home” (2009)
12. Blouse “Into Black” (2009)
13. Dirty Beaches “True Blue” (2009)
14. Beach House “I Do Not Care For The Winter Sun” (2009)
15. Bibio “The Palm of Your Wave” (2010)
16. Atlas Sound w/ Noah Lennox “Walkabout” (2009)
17. Sun Airway “Put the Days Away” (2008)
18. A Sunny Day in Glasgow “Violet Mary haunts me…” (2009)
19. Candy Claws “Miracle Spring” (2010)
20. St. Vincent “Just The Same But Brand New” (2010)
21. Beirut “Venice” (2009)
22. Sufjan Stevens “Now That I’m Older” (2010)

April 16, 2011 (birthday #40)

*Cover image by Michael Mathias Prechtl, from a 1983 poster for a German boook of his pictures and drawings

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And here are a few videos with songs from the compilation:

Dirty Beaches “True Blue”:

Blouse “Into Black”:

Wild Nothing “Live in Dreams”:

The Walkmen “Blue As Your Blood”:

3 Responses to Now That I’m Older

  1. moyawatson says:

    i love the way you can now stream the compilations! i also like the combination of audio + video. an ultimate dream is to create whole communities around compilations — i wonder when/if there’s software that can really help socialize your comps to the degree they deserve to be. thank you for sharing!

  2. moyalynne says:

    I’ve been listening lately to “Put the days away” on repeat — irresistible sound. Do you know more about Sun Airways? Is there an album I should check out. That Beirut song is so gorgeous, also…

  3. vodem says:

    That is the only Sun Airway song I know, although there are others for listening on the “music” tab on their website:
    It doesn’t look like they have an album…

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