Abstract Artifact

I put together this set of tracks for a friend in New Zealand. I tried to pick quality rocking songs that had a decent chance of being new to him, which resulted in a fun hodgepodge of 70s/80s rock/power pop/art rock (a number thanks to the defunct Little Hits blog), with some recent (but not current) SF garage rock, interesting covers, a bit of semi-no wave, etc. The cover is a fragment of “Fool’s Parade,” a photo montage of a Carnival procession , Netherlands, 1938.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1. The Flying Colours “Abstract Art”
2. The dB’s “The Black and White”
3. Kilkenny Cats “Attractive Figure”
4. ALRN “Another Wasted Afternoon”
5. Mekons “Country”
6. The Monochrome Set “He’s Frank (slight return)”
7. Tours “Tourist Information”
8. The Pretenders “The Wait”
9. The Holy Rollers “Lifestyle”
10. The Wedding Present “Red Shoes by the Drugstore”
11. The Oh Sees “I Was Denied”
12. Fresh & Onlys “You Owe Your Life To The Streets”
13. Grass Widow “To Where”
14. The Capstan Shafts “Aching Tiny Everywheres”
15. The Utensils “Earth To Judy”
16. Dump “The Lie”
17. Lilys “Dreams Never End”
18. Destroyer “Leave Me Alone”
19. Kelley Stoltz “Rescue”
20. Flying Saucer Attack “Outdoor Miner”
21. Roxy Music “Virginia Plain”
22. Ultravox “The Frozen Ones”
23. Love is All “Spinning & Scratching”
24. New Bloods “A Ritual”
25. Rosa Yemen “Rosa Vertov”
26. Jungle Nausea “What You Know”
27. Bocops “Lucrate Milk”

April 2014

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