Wanderlust (Faster)

For the end of 2006 I made a two disc compilation of (mostly) international music from all over the world. I think compared to most commercial compilations of international music, the songs on this compilation are, on the whole, less slick and highly produced. This, the first disc, is overall more upbeat, if not actually fast-paced for the most part. I think the wildly diverse music speaks for itself.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1) Choeur Padano di Piadena “Gli Scariolanti” (Italy)
2) Mahmoud Ahmed “Tezeta” (Ethiopia)
3) Huun-Huur-Tu “Deke-Jo” (Tuva)
4) Issac Oviedo “Engancha Carretero” (Cuba)
5) Cuban Marimba Band “Ndio Hali Ya Dunia” (Tanzania)
6) Takashi Hirayasu/Bob Brozman “Uruku Tumi Gushiku” (Okinawa, Japan)
7) Lata Mangeshkar “Allah Bachaye Naujawanose” (India)
Orlando Julius & His Modern Aces “Olulofe” (Nigeria)
9) Broder Kapelle “Baym Rebin in Palestina” (Bessarabia, Romania?)
10) Bayern-Original Kapelle “Appenzeller Jodler” (Bayern, Germany?)
11) Tongan Brass Band “Tuitui Taumafa No. 2” (Tonga)
12) Cojolites “El Conejo” (Mexico)
13) Grup Tanjidor Kembang Ros. “Curahan Hati” (Indonesia)
14) Kёngё Kurbeti “To Traketi Meklino” (Albania)
15) Gulab Panjab Band “Mere Rang Mem Ramgnevali” (Rajasthan, India)
16) S.E. Rogers “Toomus Meremereh nor Good” (Sierra Leone)
17) Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin/ Canray Fontenot
“Le Boss (Rice Farmer)” (Louisiana, U.S.A.)
18) Meto group musicians “Naikam Tiup” (West Timor, Indonesia)
19) Unnamed musicians “Tunantada” (Peru)
20) Orchestre Regional de Kayes “Sanjina” (Mali or Guinea)
21) Fanfare Ciocarlia “Tiganeasca” (Romania)
22) Unnamed musicians “Polka Diziadek” (Poland)
23) Tamuin Huasteco Trio de Caimanes “El Gusto” (Mexico)
24) Gitans de Badajoz “Ramona” (Spain)
25) Pierre Barouh/ Théatre Aleph “L’anniversaire” (France)

December 2006

Send me a message (or complete the form on this page) for more information.

And here are a few videos with songs from the compilation:

Takashi Hirayasu/Bob Brozman “Uruku Tumi Gushiku”:

S.E. Rogers “Toomus Meremereh nor Good”:

Gitans de Badajoz “Ramona”:

1 Response to Wanderlust (Faster)

  1. Rani Singh says:

    I remember this album, still have it and love it (as does my dad). Listening to “Ramona” now. My office could use some clapping and stomping. Thanks so much, Victor.

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