Brazil (not the country, but the song and its state of mind)


This compilation is inspired by the song “Brazil” as most famously and prominently featured in Terry Gilliam’s movie of the same name.  The song represents much the same here as it does in the movie: an evocation of nostalgia; an escape from the troubles and challenges of daily life to another, largely illusionary, place.  Sonically, the compilation is a mix of Brazilian, Caribbean, Americana, and other old time sounds.

Click below to stream the compilation:

1. National Philharmonic Orchestra “Brazil”
2. The Paul Winter Consort “The Little Train Of The Caipira (Bachianas Brasileiras 2)”
3. Billy May “Samba de Varao”
4. Jolly Boys “Take Me Back to Jamaica”
5. Any Old Time String Band “I’ll See You In C-U-B-A”
6. Mills Brothers “Coney Island Washboard”
7. Armando Trovajole feat. Donatella Luttazzi? “Decisione”
8. Mighty Panther “Barbados Carnival”
9. The California Ramblers “The Peanut Vendor”
10. King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band “Chimes Blues”
11. Eugène Delouche “Loin De Mon Isle”
12. Calypso performers of Puerto Limon “G.O.O.D.”
13. Blind Blake And His Royal Victorians “Peas and Rice”
14. Beto Villa y Su Orquesta con Carmen y Laura “Un Rato No Mas”
15. Lord Cobra And Pana-afro Sounds “Rocombey”
16. Im & Count Ossie “So Long Rastafari Calling”
17. Tino Contreras “Brazil”
18. Dizzy Gillespie “Tin Tin Deo”
19. Clarence Curvan & His Mod Sounds “Calypsoul”
20. Andre Toussaint “Little Nassau-Bahama Mama”
21. Django Reinhardt “The Object of My Affection”
22. Arthur Verocai “Sylvia”
23. Francesco DeMasi “Diamond Bossa Nova”
24. Jaap de Kwaasteniet, feat. Jochen Hachene & Jos Oey “Je T’ Vu Passer”
25. Aloysio Oliveira, Carmen Miranda, others “Brazil (medley)”

December 2016

cover image is by Joseph Cornell, “Marine Fantasy with Tamara Toumanova” (c. 1940)