Kid-Friendly Compilations

I have made a number of music compilations for my kids, some of them “kid’s music” compilations, and some just kid-friendly (and also very adult-friendly!).

Please find below cover images and brief descriptions of compilations in this category.  I will add more very gradually.  If you click on the compilation title it will take you to a page with links to stream the compilations, as well as song lists for the compilations, videos for a few songs on the compilation, and any additional information I include. Please provide comments on particular compilations on the page for the compilation.  Send me a message (or complete the form on this page) for more information about any of my music compilations.


Summer 2012. I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find kids’ music I like, and this year (2012) my son asked me to make him a “rock” compilation for his 8th birthday. I tried to select songs that reflect a bit of an indie aesthetic but are still relatively accessible, and I tried to avoid “one hit wonders.” I also avoided recent songs (none are later than 1990), so the compilation mostly reflects some roots of indie rock rather than indie rock itself. I’d love to hear any of your ideas about what “rock” songs you’d want to share with a kid.

Popcorn coverPopcorn

Fall/Winter 2014. An eclectic mix I made for my 7 year-old daughter. There is pretty much no true children’s music on here, but the assortment of upbeat ethnic folk (Indian, African, Estonian, Turkish, …) and pop (old time jazz, moog, countrified, …) is both (open-minded) kid and adult friendly.

Don't Touch That DialDon’t Touch That Dial

Summer 2014. This is a compilation of up-tempo electronica I made for my son, who requested an electronic mix and expressed a preference for fast tempos and big beats. I tried to put together something we would both like. The result is a set of relatively song-oriented and relatively recent electronica, mostly melodic, with some old techno and other sounds.

Grilled Cheese coverGrilled Cheese

Fall/Winter 2013. This is a compilation of cheesy 80s music I made for my daughter’s fifth birthday.

Electric Candy coverElectric Candy

Summer 2013. This is a compilation of 80s music I made for my son’s ninth birthday.

Strawberry Jam

July 2011. This is a compilation I made in July 2011 for my son’s birthday. I find that most music targeted at kids is pretty intolerable, so it’s usually a bit of a challenge to put these compilations together. The comps are generally a mix of actual kids music and music not made for kids that seems kid-friendly. Part of the goal is to make something that kids will enjoy and that their parents will find interesting and tolerable for repeat listens.


November 2007. When my second child was born, I made this lullaby compilation made up of songs mostly not in English, because I found it maddening to endlessly listen to English-language lullabies while trying to get my first child to sleep.  The compilation works very well as a lullaby compilation, and I also think it is quite listenable as a very gentle international compilation.  Click here for the song list and and a couple videos.

1 Response to Kid-Friendly Compilations

  1. Phasmid says:

    This compilation is brilliant and I (and the kids) have been listening to it a lot. I particularly like “Ninna Nanna Ri la Rosa” as it is somehow transcendent. And I always love to have a well-loved song shown to be much deeper than I had before imagined — as is the case with “Three Little Birds.” Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

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