Waiting for Oz

Waiting for Oz

This is one of a series of compilations I’ve been making since 2004 (around the time of my birthday) featuring some of my favorite recent indie music. All songs are from 2018. The cover is a photograph taken in Mexico by Tina Modotti, probably in the 1930s.

This compilation is indie rock and DIY pop. I have also posted two other collections of recent (mostly 2018) favorites, one mostly jazz and ambient (called Temple Garden), and the other more varied (psychedelic/synth-pop/hip hop/indie folk, called Another Air).

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.


1. Locate S, 1 “Owe It 2 The Girls”
2. Smokescreens “Waiting For Summer”
3. School Damage “Oz Lotto”
4. Woolen Men “Brick Horizon”
5. The Goon Sax “A Few Times Too Many”
6. The Shifters “Straight Lines”
7. Vital Idles “Chains”
8. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever “The Hammer”
9. Nap Eyes “Judgment”
10. Ryley Walker “Spoil with the Rest”
11. The Beths “River Run: Lvl 1”
12. Lala Lala “Destroyer”
13. La Luz “Cicada”
14. OHMME “Icon”
15. Primo! “Ticking Off A List”
16. Pineapple RnR “Merferd in Bondage”
17. The Drinks “Corner Shops”
18. Table Sugar “Dog D-Log”
19. Ruby Karinto “Fox’s Wedding”
20. Los Rosarios “Selenitas”
21. Pill “Sin Compromiso”
22. Iceage feat. Sky Ferreira “Pain Killer”
23. Wax Chattels “Career”

April 16, 2019