Albert Monier

Albert Monier self-portrait

Albert Monier is a French photographer born in May 1915 in Savignat in the Cantal département in France.  He does not appear to be well known today — I have not been able to find a detailed website about him even in French — but Monier produced some of the most remarkable photographs of his native Cantal and, later and more famously, of Paris.  What I find most intriguing about Monier is that he was a serious photographer who worked mostly in the postcard format, and his postcards reflect an eye for framing, light, and detail not commonly seen in postcards.  This website states he sold over 80 million copies of his postcards, which shows his prominence, and underlines how surprising it is his works are not better documented online.

I am happy to note that there is an Association Albert Monier, and they have a detailed website with a great deal more biographical information, photographs, to view, and other information.  The website references an “Espace Albert Monier” in Condat, in the Cantal, although I have been able to find little information about it online.  Once again, I strongly encourage you to check out the Association’s website if you are interested in learning more about Albert Monier’s life and work.  The Association also has a Facebook page.

Please see below some scans of Monier postcards from my collection, organized into several categories. All original images are copyright Albert Monier.

Purely artistic photographs:

Images of workers and others:

Paris postcards:

Animal Photographs:

Nature photographs:

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