Strawberry Jam

So far I’ve made 7 music compilations for my kids. I find that most music targeted at kids is pretty intolerable, so it’s usually a bit of a challenge to put these compilations together. The comps are generally a mix of actual kids music and music not made for kids that seems kid-friendly. Part of the goal is to make something that kids will enjoy and that their parents will find interesting and tolerable for repeat listens. I made this one in July 2011 for my son’s birthday.

Click below to stream the compilation:


1) Michelle Shocked “Strawberry Jam”
2. Mississippi John Hurt “Chicken”
3. Leon Redbone “Lazybones”
4. Bob Dylan “This Old Man”
5. Mills Brothers “It Don’t Mean A Thing”
6. Louis Armstrong “Ten Feet off the Ground”
7. Blue Note Jazz Band “T’ain’t No Sin”
8. Bing Crosby “Swinging on a Star”
9. Burl Ives “The Witch at the Well”
10. Johnny Horton “The Battle of New Orleans”
11. Harry Nilsson “Coconut”
12. Les P’tits Loups de Jazz “L’Otorhinocéros”
13. Simon & Garfunkel “At the Zoo”
14. SF Seals “Kid’s Pirate Ship”
15. Buckwheat Zydeco “They All Asked for You”
16. Elizabeth Mitchell “Hey Bo Diddley”
17. Bo Diddley “Road Runner”
18. Los Lobos “Heigh-Ho”
19. R. Stevie Moore “I’m Looking Over a Four-Leaf Clover”
20. unnamed Russian children’s musicians “Veselye Chizhi”
21. Balkan Beat Box “Smatron”

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And here are three videos with songs from the compilation:


“It Don’t Mean A Thing”:


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