Since 2004, I have been making an indie pop comp for my birthday; this is the second of those compilations, probably made in 2005. This has always been one of my favorites. It features indie pop from the early 2000s and some picks that reach further back, and includes a couple terrific pop groups from Spain.  Eventually the compilations were more rigorously focused on very recent music, but this one was made before that change.

Click here to go to the compilation on Mixcloud or the link below to stream the compilation without leaving this page; the songlist follows.

Here is a list of the songs and artists:

1.  Le Mans “Juan”
2.  Stars “Romantic Comedy”
3.  Moles “Bury Me Happy”
4.  Barcelona “Kasey Keller”
5.  Sportsguitar “Never Waste”
6.  Lilys “Dunes”
7.  Camera Obscura “Teenager”
8.  +/- “The Queen of Detroit”
9.  Stars “This Charming Man”
10.  Ciao Bella “If You Were Here”
11.  Sam Prekop “Practice Twice”
12.  Le Mans “No Vino, Estaba … De Vacaciones”
13.  The High Llamas “Glide Time”
14.  Lali Puna “6-0-3”
15.  Future Bible Heroes “Love is Blue”
16.  Mus “Embalses Y Rios”
17.   New Order “Lonesome Tonight”
18.  Eaves “Bird Lawyer”
19. Toulouse “One A.M.”
20.  Ms. John Soda “Sometimes Stop. Sometimes go”

April 16, 2005?