Sleeping Saints

This January 2011 compilation is a tribute to Trish Keenan of the band Broadcast, who died January 14 from swine-flu-related pneumonia.  She once said this about her music: “Memories are waking dreams and dreams are sleeping memories, when you make music inspired by this process you begin to break down conventional form in the same way that dreams and memories never start at the beginning or finish at the end.”  I hope and think this album of mildly experimental atmospheric pop would be to her liking.

Click below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1.  Tenniscoats “Rolling Train”
2.  Susumu Yokota “The Dying Black Swan”
3.  Josephine Foster “Der Konig In Thule (“The King in Thule”)”
4.  Broadcast and The Focus Group “Make My Sleep His Song”
5.  Lau Nau “Ruususuu”
6.  Christophe Cuiot “La Fin du Rêve [Dream’s End]”
7.  Andrew Bird “–>”
8.  Sepia Tone “Twilightone”
9.  Flying Saucer Attack “Oceans”
10.  Es “Les Fleurs Sont Des Bonnes Auditrices”
11.  Alastair Galbraith “Milky Milo Man”
12.  Dump “Words”
13.  Sun Ra “Thither And Yon”
14.  Shugo Tokumaru “Funfair”
15.  Füxa “Kid Bits”
16.  Pram “A Million Bubbles Burst”
17.  Prefuse 73, feat. Broadcast/Café Tacuba/Piano Overlord
“And I’m Gone”
18.  Juana Molina “Yo Se Que”
19.  Faust “Giggy Smile”
20.  Robert Wyatt “A Sunday In Madrid”
21.  Caribou “Dorian Benediction”

Send me a message (or complete the form on this page) for more information.

And here are two videos with songs from the compilation:

“La Fin du Rêve [Dream’s End]” (short version):

“Les Fleurs Sont Des Bonnes Auditrices”:

This is an NPR posting about Trish Keegan, with the full text of her musings on her music, memories, and dreams.

This Gorilla vs. Bear posting has a link to a music compilation made by Keegan, described by the site as a “beautiful and poignant mix of psych rarities / obscurities.”  You can directly download the mix here.

This Dangerous Minds posting has a number of videos and songs.

Here’s a posting from something called The Arts Desk.

And here are a couple of videos.  The first is the song “Valerie,” with images from the movie Valerie (And Her Week Of Wonders), the apparent inspiration for the song.  The second is a song called “Look Outside,” with just a still image.  The spiral seems appropriately elegiac.

2 Responses to Sleeping Saints

  1. moyalynne says:

    Hey Victor – I can’t believe I managed to create an endofyearmix called ‘saints’ and didn’t include a reference to Sleeping Saints. Since my listening time is overwhelmingly in my car, and I don’t have a pressed CD version of this, it’s also absolutely terrible that I haven’t heard this. I also tried to limit my mix to 2011 and some 2010 tracks. Are there 2010 tracks on here?
    I simply must have this.

  2. vodem says:

    No, I don’t think that any of these songs are from 2010. I was just choosing old songs that seemed most suitable for a tribute to Trish Keenan. I think I culled these songs mostly from my “atmospheric” and “dreams” playlists (meaning, playlists of song possibilities for future compilations). You will love this comp.

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