A definition of “wondering” seemingly lost in time is its use as an adjective meaning “feeling or expressing awe, admiration, amazement, or surprise.”

Thus, “All paved with suns that daze our wondering eyes.”  Oliver Wendell Holmes

And, “Then sweet music sounded on the air, and the loud tones were hushed, as in wondering silence the Fairies waited what should come.”  Louisa May Alcott (Flower Fables)

The word “wondering” in this sense seems an appropriate description for the state to which I often find myself transported by art.  As my curiosity and sense of wonder has been on overdrive in recent years, it’s about time I found a better way to share my discoveries.  To that end, Wonderings.net will grow over time, focusing on music compilations, vintage (mostly French) postcards, and movie reviews and suggestions.

Music Compilations. I have dozens of music compilations in my archives, in many genres.  I have already added a handful of music compilations to this site, and I will gradually add more in the future.

Vintage Postcards. I love old French postcards, especially those produced by the Reutlinger photography studio in Paris from 1900 to roughly 1910, but also the highly colorized postcards that were produced in the 1920s and 1930s.  I have uploaded images of a few cards from my collection to this site, and will add many more in the future.

Movies.  I am adding some reviews I wrote up in 1999 (Scenes from a Library), based on my idiosyncratic borrowings from the Seattle public library.  In the future, I plan to add a  page of movie favorites, perhaps with clips.

I also want to take the opportunity to highlight another wonder-oriented project worthy of your attention: Jeff Hoke’s Museum of Lost Wonder.  His fantastic, deeply thought-provoking illustrations have graced my workaday walls for many years.

I welcome any comments below on overall site design, things that you would like to see me share in the future, etc.  Enjoy!

6 Responses to Wonderings

  1. Vincent says:

    Hey Victor!

    Great site. I love the “Pied Piper of Imps” artwork on top, pretty cool. And check it out, your site knows if I’m on a desktop or mobile browser and changes accordingly. Looks like this could be a good repository from which to share your collections…

  2. Bernard Ortiz de Montellano says:

    Hurray for you Victor. I’m so glad you found this way to share your musical and postcard interests. I was also surprised how many movies you like I haven’t seen and vice versa.


  3. Tom Lucas says:

    Victor, a wonderful idea. I plan to RSS this site so I can keep up with all the new content as it comes in. I am especially looking forward to getting better access to your compilations. I have always learned much from your wonderings, so bring them on.

  4. barrett says:

    Lieber Victor,

    I will plumb this eclectic assemblage of inspirational oddities. like an online Wunderkammer, this site is replete with variety and unpredictable testaments to human creativity.


  5. kelly walton says:

    This is great! Congrats on actually doing something with all those thoughts in your head – more than I can say for myself 😉 You may have seen them, but you’d love Double Indemnity and Niagara – thought of them as I was browsing the movies section.
    Kelly W.

  6. irene rodgers says:

    Hey Victor,
    Your wonderful site just inspired me to think about Wonderings for myself. What a gift! I came away with “M’s” –a “W” upside down as it turns out! I start with “Melissa”, of course, and then there’s “Moonlight” and then “Machu Picchu.” I’ll be back here. Got to test out some of that music I know nothing about.
    love to you, Irene

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