Happy Hours

I had been working on finishing this music compilation on and off for months when I learned that John Hughes died, and it occurred to me this is a good comp to dedicate to his movies.  The songs have nothing to do with the films, but this is one of my poppiest and most accessible comps, and Hughes’ movies were most decidedly accessible pop—but smart pop that you could feel good about liking, that reached the mainstream without pandering to it.  Maybe except when he changed the ending of Pretty in Pink.  Many or most of these songs will be familiar to dedicated indie pop fans. The comp gets a little odder towards the end, but Hughes’ movies usually had moments of oddness too.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1.Ida Maria “Queen Of The World”
2.Maia Hirasawa “And I Found This Boy”
3.Kings of Convenience “I’d Rather Dance With You”
4.of Montreal “First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix of An Eluardian Instance)”
5.The Concretes “You Can’t Hurry Love”
6.The Legends “Nothing To Be Done”
7.Lavender Diamond “Open Your Heart”
8.El Perro Del Mar “Somebody’s Baby”
9.The Submarines “Swimming Pool”
10.The Rosebuds “Shake Our Tree”
11.The Bird And The Bee “My Love”
12.Strip Squad “Down and Out and Away”
13.Säkert! “Och Jag Grät Mig Till Sömns Ef”
14.Sambassadeur “Between the Lines”
15.The Boo Radleys “Wish I Was Skinny”
16.Vampire Weekend “Campus”
17.Orange Juice “Blokes on 45 (BBC Session)”
18.Swingers “Counting the Beat”
19.The Housemartins “Happy Hour”
20.Dolly Mixture “Everything And More”
21.Bressa Creeting Cake “Palm Singing”
22.Mirah And Ginger “Oh September”
23.Quintron “Meet Me at the Club House”
24.Versatones “Bila”
25.Ida Maria “Queen of The World (demo)”

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And here are a few videos with songs from the compilation:

Kings of Convenience “I’d Rather Dance With You”:

Maia Hirasawa “And I Found This Boy”:

The Housemartins “Happy Hour”:

1 Response to Happy Hours

  1. moya watson says:

    i have to say — the opening lines of the opening song of this comp are unforgettably perfect. also — fun about the housemartins! i used to follow them a bit a while back. fascinating happy sounding songs, easily listenable yet usually with devastating lyrics.

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