Music for a Great Occasion, Part Two


Music for a Great Occasion (Part Two) Luigi Russolo, Tre Pini, 1944

This is part two of a two part compilation of international music I made on the occasion of an (open-minded) friend’s wedding. For the most part, the music is historical, raw, and roughly produced — made for the pleasure of the local communities rather than with thought to how it would be heard or experienced by outsiders. On the whole, the compilation is challenging but enormously rewarding listening. This part has (in order) music from Burundi, England, Austria, India, China, Yugoslavia, USA, India, Sudan, Belgium, Burundi, Timor (Indonesia), West Timor (Indonesia), West Africa, Japan, Russia, Java (Indonesia), Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Iraq, Japan, Tuva, Algeria, Iran, Tuva, and Sweden.

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1. unidentified Burundi musicians “Greeting sung by two young girls” (Burundi)
2. Billy Pigg “Archie’s Fancy/Holey Ha’penny” (England)
3. unidentified musicians “Staad-Lustiger” (Austria)
4. Mr. Razak’s Surat Band “Bagesri” (India?)
5. unidentified Cantonese opera performers “The Moon / Two Green Lotus Bitterly Imprisoned” (China)
6. unidentified Yugoslav musicians “Balun Uz Mih” (Yugoslavia)
7. Albert Ayler “Infinite Spirit” (USA)
8. Kadri Gopalnath “Napali Srirama” (India)
9. Mitinjalo, Uffud El-Nuweiri, Uffud El-Tom, & Gafilli “Abrahiim Is Crying, Where Is My Brother?” (Sudan)
10. unidentified Belgian musician “Fiere Margriet” (Belgium)
11. unidentified Burundi musicians “Ubuhuha 1” (Burundi)
12. BP Leonardus & Nona Hanak “Heo-Bijola Music” (Timor, Indonesia)
13. Bunaq group singers “Curahan Hati” (West Timor, Indonesia)
14. Ochieng Wa Odinga “Umbok” (West Africa?)
15. Ankyo Touji, Kanzo Arashiro, & Hiroki Ohama “Mamidoma” (Japan)
16. Maria Chizhikova & Nekrasov Cossacks “Ne Za Rovniushku” (Russia)
17. unidentified Javanese musicians “Katik Ngangg Ngirik” (Java, Indonesia)
18. Sapo Perapaskero? “Balada Conducatorolui” (Romania?)
19. Bakula Stipe “Svirka Uz Diple” (Yugoslavia)
20. Jonuzi Me Shoket “Vome Kaba” (Albania)
21. unidentified Japanese musicians “Choubi Choubi” (Iraq)
22. Assn. for the Preserv. of Mikawa Manzai Felicity “Mikawa Manzai” (Japan)
23. Dmitri Pokrovsky group & Ensemble Opus Posthumous “Wind, You Hear, This Deed Is Frightful!” (Western Ukraine)
24. Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun “There Are Many Tears Here Gained” (Tuva)
25. Bellemou & Benfissa “Li Maandouche L’Auto (He, Who Doesn’t Own a Car)” (Algeria?)
26. Abdolnaghi Afsharnia “Dashti” (Iran)
27. unidentified Tuvan singer “Lullaby With Khoomei” (Tuva)
28. Pelle Jakobsson, Anna Aronsson and Jonny Soling “herding music at Stångtjärn”

January 2016

Cover image is “Tre Pini” by Luigi Russolo (1944).