Music for a Great Occasion, Part One

Music for a Great Occasion (Part One) convivio-vecchi-castagni-1945

This is part one of a two part compilation of international music I made on the occasion of an (open-minded) friend’s wedding. For the most part, the music is historical, raw, and roughly produced — made for the pleasure of the local communities rather than with thought to how it would be heard or experienced by outsiders. On the whole, the compilation is challenging but enormously rewarding listening. This part has (in order) music from Burundi, Congo, Sudan, Turkey, Peru, West Timor (Indonesia), North India, Mali, Kenya, Sumatra (Indonesia), Senegal, Colombia, Somalia, Ukraine, Mali, Peru, Japan, Southeast Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Sierra Leone, Japan, Austria, China, Austria, Quebec, and Austria.

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1. unidentified musician “Greeting sung by a young girl” (Burundi)
2. unidentified Mbuti musicians “Second Molimo Song for Great Occasion” (Congo)
3.  Abdel Karim el Kably “Sukker, Sukker” (wedding song) (Sudan)
4. unidentified Romani musicians “Istanbul Drom” (Turkey)
5. uo Las Perlas de Huancavalica “Vaca Ratay” (Peru)
6. unidentified Tetun musicians “We Oe” (West Timor, Indonesia)
7. Narayanrao Vyas “Nis Bharan Kaise Jaun” (North India)
8. Alkibar Gignor “Kaounare” (Niafounke, Mali)
9. Onbonyo Ang’ Ang’o “Sila Rado” (Kenya)
10. Samsimar “Indang Pariaman” (Sumatra, Indonesia)
11. Aby Nana Diop “Dieuleul-Dieuleul” (Senegal)
12. Cumbia En Moog “Cumbia De Sal” (Colombia)
13. Cabdulaahi Iman Zamir, Amin Xaaji Cusmaan, & Nuur Maxamed Curuba “Siina Miiri” (Baraawe, Somalia)
14. Dmitri Pokrovsky group & Ensemble Opus Posthumous “From an Old Rowboat’s Transom” (Western Ukraine)
15. Kel Tin Lokiene “Ihama” (Mali)
16. El Cholo Chanka “Señor Diputado” (Peru)
17. Michio Suga “Ushibuka Haiya Bushi” (Japan)
18. unidentified Meto group musicians “Naikam Tiup” (Southeast Indonesia)
19. Evgeni Ulugbashev “Khai” (Kazakhstan)
20. A. Cambah & His Kankaray Tarrancis Society “Sandoh Kanu Koh” (Sierra Leone)
21. 大浜博起,大浜みね,通事安京,比屋根孝子 “コイナーユンタ(八重山)” (Japan)
22. Original Herberten Trio “Gstanzeln Aus Dem Freistriztal” (Austria)
23. Yao Li “Rose, Rose I Love You (Mei Gui Mei Gui Wo Ai Ni)”
24. Minna Reverelli “Cuckoo in the Wood” (Austria)
25. Odile Falcon “La Reine De La Salle” (Quebec?)
26. Hilde Gallen “Almschrei (‘Pasture Call’)” (Austria)

January 2016

Cover image is “Convivio, (Vecchi castagni)” by Luigi Russolo (1945).