Folks: A Jazz Compilation

This is my end-of-2011 compilation. Jazz is so expansive that any 80 minute compilation is necessarily hopelessly subjective and only a very small part of the picture. In any event, anything else would be beyond my abilities, with my limited knowledge of the genre. This selection of songs tends towards post-bop/ avant-garde jazz, especially in the midddle of the compilation, with a preference for slower tempos and an atmospheric feel.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1. Duke Ellington’s Spacemen “Early Autumn” (1958)
2. Gerry Mulligan and the Concert Jazz Band “Barbara’s Theme” (1960)
3. Andrew Hill “Tired Trade” (1963)
4. Thelonious Monk “I Surrender, Dear” (1956)
5. Charles Mingus “Track C – Group Dancers” (1963)
6. Eric Dolphy “Something Sweet, Something Tender” (1964)
7. Grachan Moncur III “Air Raid” (1963)
8. Bobby Hutcherson “Idle While” (1965)
9. The Dave Brubeck Quartet “Bluette” (1961)
10. JJ Johnson & Kai Winding “Alone Together” (1960)
11. Miles Davis “My Ship” (1957)
12. The John Coltrane Quartet “Alabama” (1963)
13. McCoy Tyner “Folks” (1972)

December 2011
For my dad, whose record collection introduced me to jazz.

Send me a message (or complete the form on this page) for more information.

And here are a few videos with songs from the compilation:

“Something Sweet, Something Tender”:



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