Soothe: A Lullaby Collection

When my second child was born, I made this lullaby compilation made up of songs mostly not in English, because I found it maddening to endlessly listen to English-language lullabies while trying to get my first child to sleep. The compilation works very well as a lullaby compilation, and I also think it is quite listenable as a very gentle international compilation.

Click below to stream the compilation:


1) The Free Design “Lullaby”
2) Chiara Civello “Ninna Nanna Ri la Rosa” (Sicilian lullaby)
3) Olivier Marcaud “La Berceuse d’Angela” (French lullaby)
4) Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Falconer
“Hagoromo No Komoriuta” (Okinawan lullaby)
5) Zulya “[lullaby]” (Tatarstan, Russia)
6) Enfance et Musique “Dodo M’amour” (French lullaby)
7) Nelie Lebrón Robles “A Dormir Ricura” (Puerto Rican lullaby)
) Beatriz Pichi Malen “Canción Para Dormir a un Niño”
(lullaby from Mapuche people, Argentina)
9) Miriam Makeba “Suliram” (Indonesian lullaby)
10) Cat Power and Yoko Ono “Revelations”
11) Bola de Nieve “Drume Negrita” (Cuban lullaby)
12) unidentified Vietnamese musicians in late 1960s “[lullaby]”
13) Elena Kamburova “[The Stars Are Shining In The Sky]” (Russian lullaby)
14) Dominions “Lullaby”
15) Renee & Jeremy “Three Little Birds”
16) Ricardo Cobo “Drume Negrito” (Cuban lullaby)
17) Aiko Shimada and Elizabeth Falconer “Komoriuta” (Japanese lullaby)
18) unidentified musician from Malta “[lullaby]”
19) Sorcha Ní Ghuairim “h-Ó Abha-ínn” (Irish lullaby)
20) Mri Jaku “Këngë Djepi” (Albanian lullaby)
21) village chorus, Bagna Giembikówna “Hej Kepa” (Polish lullaby)
22) Lei Qiang “[lullaby]” (China)
23) Dr. Morgan Babb “Ayo Nene Touti” (Senegalese lullaby)
24) Silvia Nakkach “Pro Caio Nanar” (Brazilian lullaby)
25) Enfance et Musique “Berceuse De Lune” (French lullaby)
26) Bobo Moreno and Nikolaj Hess “Stille, Hjerte, Sol Gaar Ned” (Danish lullaby)
27) Jim Goodin “Sleep My Wee Child”
28) Trudie Richman “Curly Headed Baby”
29) Peter, Paul & Mary “All Through The Night”
30) Pete Seeger “Suliram” (Indonesian lullaby)

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And here are two videos with songs from the compilation:

“Ninna Nanna Ri la Rosa”:


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