1920s Colorized Romantic Postcards

My perception is that the production of romantic postcards (“fantasies” as they are called in France) slowed after 1910 and was interrupted by WWI. At least, for what it is worth, I have essentially not found any French postcards in the style dated between 1910-1920 (I’d love to hear from anyone with a different perspective). In the 1920s, there emerged a style of highly colorized and lushly romantic postcards. In sharp contrast to the famous singers/actresses featured on the earlier cards, the models on these cards are anonymous. Here is a set of cards featuring couples; there are also similar cards featuring women on their own (in that sense more like the earlier cards). The postcards on this page are from three studios: Noyer, P.C., and Bleuet.

1 Response to 1920s Colorized Romantic Postcards

  1. gott style says:

    these are amazing. thanks for sharing

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