This is a very me and idiosyncratic compilation I made to celebrate my 50th birthday. It’s got an offbeat, celebratory atmosphere.

To say a bit more… for many years I’ve made compilations of recent music for my birthday (the latest is Histoires de fous), and ten years ago on my 40th birthday I made an extra compilation of uncommon 60s songs called Yeh Yeh. So for my 50th birthday this year I again made an extra compilation. This one really speaks to the me of now, and I find myself incapable to really capture it in genre terms. It is mellowly celebratory, offbeat and twisty, most of it not in English, and some of it without words. Atmospheric.

Cover art is a still taken on my phone from Satoshi Kon’s spectacular anime Paprika (from 2006).

Click here to go to the compilation on Mixcloud or the link below to stream the compilation without leaving this page; the songlist follows.

Here is a list of the songs and artists in order:

1. “From The Colonies” by Penguin Cafe Orchestra
2. “Shinzo No Tobira” by Mariah
3. “Maden Dağı” by Afet Serenay
4. “Ponta de Areia” by Wayne Shorter
5. “Pancakes” by Marvin Pontiac
6. “Las Manzanas” by Ruben Rada
7. “La Bataille de Neige” Domenique Dumont
8. “Maybe” by Moondog
9. “Western” by Larry Chernicoff
10. “Lapp Nils’ polska” by Merit Hemmingson
11. “Vida Antiga” by Erasmo Carlos
12. “Fleur Tropicale” by Francis Bebey
13. “Le Menteur (Mokosi)” by Zazou Bikaye
14. “Claudia Wilhelm R And Me” Roberto Musci15
15. “L’éléphant” by Henri Texier
16. “Ins Bleistiftgebiet” by Aksak Maboul ft. Veronique Vincent
17. “Jardim Dos Deuses” by Joyce Moreno
18. “Alger la blanche” Nicolas Godin
19. “London” by Angel Bat Dawid
20. “Muziqa Heywete” by Getatchew Mekurya
21. “Noche de Ronda” by Frankie Reyes
22. “Ese Mar Es Mío” by Aldemaro Romero

April 16, 2021