Secret Temple

Secret Temple cover

Mysterious ethnic folk (mostly) from the 1960s and 1970s.  Tracks from Estonia, Sweden, France, Germany, Greece, India, the UK, and the U.S., plus some Czech 1970s soundtrack music.  To me, this almost feels like a 60s/70s ethnic folk variation on In the Mind’s Eye, an atmospheric indie compilation.

Click to stream the compilation:

1. Irén Lovász & Lászlo Hortobágyi “Páva (Hey, Peacock)” (Hungary, 1990s?)
2. The Incredible String Band “Secret Temple” (Scotland, 1972)
3. Crass “Sentiment (White Feathers)” (England, 1982)
4. Emerald Web “Flight Of The Raven” (U.S.A., 1979)
5. Λένα Πλάτωνος (Lena Platonos) “Μάγισσες” (Greece, 1985)
6. Zdenek Liska “King Of The Ocean” (Czech, 1976)
7. Catherine Lara “L’hiver” (France, 1972)
8. Collage “Tähemõrsja” (Estonia, 1971)
9. Jan & Lorraine “Number 33” (Canada?, 1969)
10. Frances Mary Hunter Gordon & Choir of Girls from the Convent
of the Sacred Heart “Creed” (England, 1968)
11. Heino Jurisalu “Orjakivi” (Estonia, 1977)
12. Luboš Fišer “And The Last” (Czech, 1970)
13. Magnet “Searching for Rowan” (England or Scotland, 1973)
14. Veljo Tormis “Kassilaul” (Estonia, 1977)
15. Samla Mammas Manna “Folkvisa i Morse” (Sweden, 1973)
16. Third Ear Band “Stone Circle” (England, 1969)
17. Exmai “Regrelh” (France, 1979)
18. Dorothy Carter “Along The River” (U.S.A., 1978)
19. Marie Laforet “Pour celui qui viendra” (France, 1968)
20. Turid Lundqvist “Vargen” (Sweden, 1973)
21. Reet Hendrikson “Karjase pühapäev” (Estonia, 1969)
22. S. Hazarasingh “Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par”(India, 1969)
23. Gong “Oh Mother I Am Your Fantasy”(France, 1971)
24. Günter Schickert “In der Zeit” (Germany, 1979)
25. Nico “Frozen Warnings” (Germany, 1972)

October 2014

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