Not Today Satan

Not Today Satan (Achmed with the witch)

This is one of a series of compilations I’ve been making since 2004 (around the time of my birthday) featuring some of my favorite recent indie music (prior entries into the series includes Ides of April, Glide, Bees Knees, Carousel, Treehouse, Walking Through Walls, Roam the Breezy Pastures, Now That I’m Older, Alien Ways, Memory Machine, Sound Eclipse, Come to Our House, Little Blue House, and Thoughtland). While my other indie comps focus on a particular sound or feeling, these indie birthday comps are more stylistically diverse, including “indie” pop, electronica, rock, rap, etc. All songs but 2017 (except one from 2016). Cover image is by Lotte Reiniger from the Adventures of Prince Achmed.

This year there is also a second compilation with less pop-oriented sounds, called Magic Circle.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1. Girl Ray “Don’t Go Back at Ten”
2. Molly Nilsson “Not Today Satan”
3. Destroyer “Stay Lost”
4. The Mountain Goats “Shelved”
5. Deem Spencer “There Was Plenty Time Before Us”
6. Juana Molina “A00 B01”
7. Thundercat “Tokyo”
8. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith “To Follow & Lead”
9. Lali Puna “The Bucket”
10. Charlotte Gainsbourg “Rest”
11. Noname “Yesterday”
12. Kelly Lee Owens “Spaces”
13. Sufjan Stevens “Tonya Harding (in D major)”
14. The Magnetic Fields “Fathers In The Clouds (1999)”
15. Mount Kimbie (feat. Micachu) “Marilyn”
16. Psychic Temple “The Art Of Giving Up”
17. Robyn Hitchcock “Raymond And The Wires”
18. Kevin Morby “City Music”
19. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever “French Press”
20. Eddie the Wheel “Leave Behind”

April 16, 2018

(Cover image is by Lotte Reiniger from the Adventures of Prince Achmed.)

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