Sound Eclipse

Sound Eclipse (Edward Bawden, Black and White Universe, 1963 - Version 2)

Since 2004, I have been making an indie pop comp for my birthday (prior entries into the series includes Ides of April, Glide, Bees Knees, Carousel, Treehouse, Walking Through Walls, Roam the Breezy Pastures, Now That I’m Older, Alien Ways, and Memory Machine). This year’s comp is called Sound Eclipse. All songs are from 2012-2013. As usual for this series, I think it is relatively accessible, and much of it may be familiar to the indie music followers among you.

Click the link below to stream the compilation; the songlist follows.

1. Devendra Banhart “Cristobal Risquez”
2. Cate Le Bon “Are You With Me Now?”
3. Courtney Barnett “Avant Gardener”
4. Foxygen “No Destruction”
5. Jackson Scott “Sandy”
6. Jacco Gardner “Watching the Moon”
7. Julian Lynch “Carios kelleyi II”
8. Midlake “The Old and the Young”
9. Bill Callahan “Seagull”
10. Vampire Weekend “Obvious Bicycle”
11. Phosphorescent “Song For Zula”
12. White Poppy “Darkness Turns To Light”
13. Candy Claws “Birth of the Flower (Seagreen)”
14. El Perro Del Mar “I Was A Boy”
15. jj “Beautiful Life”
16. Blue Hawaii “In Two”
17. Youth Lagoon “Raspberry Cane”
18. Juana Molina “Final Feliz”

April 16, 2014

(Cover image is a fragment of Edward Bawden’s Black and White Universe, 1963 – Version 2.)

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And here are a few videos with songs from the compilation:

Cate Le Bon “Are You With Me Now?”:

Foxygen “No Destruction”:

White Poppy “Darkness Turns To Light”:

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