Scenes from a Library

In 1998-1999, I lived for a year in Seattle, working across the street from the main public library. I took to perusing the library shelves, borrowing whatever movies caught my eye.  I saw a lot of classics, as well as a lot of movies I never would have seen otherwise. I had a lot of spare time that year, and wrote up reviews of a number of movies, idiosyncratically categorized as below.  I’m posting the reviews here as written; I might react differently to these films today, or write something different, but I’d rather leave them as they are, as a reflection of my sensibilities at the time.  Click on a category name to access the reviews.

Westerns and Neo-Westerns

Classic Mysteries and Thrillers

Madcap Fun and Other Zaniness

Stylish and Arty Films

Political Films

Dramas and Lovestories, from Feelgood to Feelbad

Action Packed

Music-Related Films


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